Another Great DCCN Open Mic

I’m such a sucker for the DC Cabaret Network Open Mics.  Especially when Alex Tang is burning up the keyboards.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:

  • Terri Allen
    • The Very Thought of You (Noble)
    • From Time to Time (McBroom) 
  •  Chris Cochran
    • A Quite Thing (Kander & Ebb)
    • Everybody Wants to Be Sondheim (Chapman)
  •  Jennifer Diffel
    • Stars & the Moon (Brown)
    • A Change in Me (Menken / Rice)
  • Colin James
    • My Man (Bibo / Woods / Yvain)
    • But Not for me (Gershwin / Gershwin)
  • Charlene James Duguid
    • I Whistle a Happy Tune (Rodgers / Hammerstein)
  • Emily Everson
    • Sweet Suffolk Owl (Hundley)
    • Marsupial Sue (Lithgow)
    • Halfway Down (Milne)
  • Racheal Goldman
    • So in Love (Porter)
    • Put the Blame on Mame (Roberts/Fisher)
    • Schroeder (Beethoven / Gesner)
  • Matt Howe
    • Where Do You Start (Mandel / Bergman & Bergman)
    • Don’t Give In (Finn)
    • Come in from the Rain (Manchester / Sager)
  • Marianne Glass Miller
    • I Can’t Be New (Werner)
  • Michael Miyazaki
    • Comedy Tonight (Sondheim)
    • I’m Not Afraid (Brel / McEwan)
    • And We Call It Home (Markham / Viorst)
  • Kathy Reilly-Repass
    • C’Est Si Bon (Betti / Hornez & Seelen)
    • Along with Me (Rome) 
  • Mary Reilly
    • Anyone Can Whistle (Sondheim)
  • Ron Squeri
    • I Love to Dance (Goldenberg/ Bergman & Bergman)
    • The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing (Berlin)
    • I Wish You a Waltz (Goldenberg / Bergman & Bergman)
  • Christy Trapp
    • Grateful (Bucchino)
    • It’s All Right to Cry
    • When I Was a Boy (Williams)

2 Responses to Another Great DCCN Open Mic

  1. Chris C. says:

    Hey Michael:

    Thanks for posting this. We’ll link to it from Songspeak (hope you don’t mind).

    The composer of “Everyone Wants to Be Sondheim” is Alan Chapman.

    Oh, could you delete “e” from the end of my name? There’s no e in it. 🙂

  2. […] on October 26th, 2007. Michael Miyazaki gives us the lowdown on our October 2007 Open Mic Night. Thanks […]

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