Susan Werner at Wolf Trap

I Can't Be NewI’m so excited!  Susan Werner is coming back to town, playing at Wolf Trap on Thursday, November 1 at 8:00pm.

Although technically a “folk” artist, she is an amazing performer/writer whose work spans genres.  Her CD I Can’t Be New is written and performed in the American songbook style and is a treasure trove of material for cabaret singers.  Lee Lessack has recorderded Werner’s song “Much at All” which Terri Allen currently performs in Naked Cabaret.  Julia Murney has recorded “Misery and Happiness.”  And she’s even made a songbook available (with a service that will transpose songs into any key for a modest fee).

Her latest CD  The Gospel Truth goes back to her folk roots, with songs dealing with issues of God and religion from the viewpoint of a self-described “evangelical agnostic.”  However, this also contains a bunch of material I can see working in a cabaret setting including Sunday Morning, Probably Not, and Don’t Explain It Away.

The wonderful jazz/cabaret artist Linda Russell tells me that it’s really Werner’s early work, I should be listening to.  I’m glad I have discoveries to come!

She’s an amazing stage presence who accompanies herself on piano and guitar.  And with a stage persona best described as “Paula Poundstone’s musically talented younger sister” she’s wry enough that she could be amazing stand-up artist.

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