Steve Martin Solves an Age-Old Cabaret Problem

The October 29th issue of the New Yorker has a terrific memoir by Steve Martin about his early performing career called “In the Bird Cage.”  While the overall article is terrific I love the following bit of advice he received, and think it solves something that we in cabaret struggle with constantly:

Fats Johnson, a jovial folksinger who dressed to kill in black suits with white ruffled shirts and wore elaborate rings on his guitar-strumming hand, often headlined inthe club.  One night, I asked him about his philosophy about dressing for the stage.  He said firmly, “Always look better than they do.”

One Response to Steve Martin Solves an Age-Old Cabaret Problem

  1. Tom Vaught says:

    I watched a lot of Fats Johnson’s performances in Denver and he always looked better than I did, although my credo is: “I only dress to keep from getting arrested” so I usually did not pay much attention to what I was wearing. Fats turned me on to John Stewart and he came from an era when a folk band really played the hell out of a song. In addition, he was the best guitar picker who ever picked up a pick.

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