Report: DC Cabaret Network January Open Mic

A terific night at the DC Cabaret Network Open Mic !!! 


The room was packed with terrific singers — both regulars and spectacular new talent.  And the most spectacular new talent was the wonderful music director Mary Sugar who made everyone sound terrific. 


The other star of the evening was David Friedman, with four different singers doing his songs.  Here’s what everyone sang:

  • Terri Allen
    • Ordinary Miracles (Stewart / Ballard)
  • Adele Russell
    • Listen to My Heart (Friedman)
    • Cry Me a River (Hamilton)
  • Chris Cochran
    • He Comes Home Tired (Friedman)
  • David McMullen
    • Leaning on a Lamppost (Gay/Furber & Rose)
    • Sometimes a Day Goes By (Kander/Ebb)
  • Davey Brown
    • What Do You Do with a BA in English? (Marx/Lopez)
    • I Wish I Could Go Back to College (Marx/Lopez)
    • The More You Ruv Someone (Marx/Lopez)
  • Eileen Warner
    • He Wasn’t You
  • Emily Everson
    • Sleepy Man (Waldman)
    • Bar Mitzvah Shiksah Mamma (Raible / Tate)
  • George Fulginiti-Shakar
    • The People that You Never Get to Love (Holmes)
  • Holly Bingham
    • Putting It Together (Sondheim)
    • My Simple Christmas Wish (Friedman)
  • Katherine McCann
    • The Greatest Performance of My Life
    • Darkest Before the Dawn
  • Kathy Reilly
    • A Trip to the Library (Bock/Harnick)
  • Lonny Smith
    • Larger than Life (Ahrens/Flaherty)
    • Someone to Fall Back On (Brown)
  • Mary Reilly
    • I Have Dreamed (Rodgers & Hammerstein)
    • What I Was Dreamin’ Of (Friedman)
  • Matt Howe
    • Summer Me, Winter Me (LeGrand/Bergman & Bergman)
    • Imagination
  • Michael Miyazaki
    • Meadowlark (Schwartz)
    • Thanks for the Memory (Robin/Whiting)
  • Sally Martin
    • Ship in a Bottle (McBroome)
    • Warm All Over (Loesser)
  • Byron Murray 
    • This Is New
    • Our Language of Love

2 Responses to Report: DC Cabaret Network January Open Mic

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for listing my songs, and my first name is Byron. However, my last name is Murray. But, you know, Byron James does have a nice ring to it. If I ever need a name change, I believe that is the one I’m going with. I am enjoying this experience of O.M. ing. once a month and I continue to meet interesting, talented and supportive people.

    Thanks again,

    Byron Murray

  2. Mary Sugar says:

    Well my goodness! Thank you for your kind words!
    I had a great time working with all those talented people and can’t wait to do it again!
    Mary Sugar

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