The First Double Entendre

Double Entendre VERTICAL 475px WEB QUALITY (72dpi) Publicity ShotJust got back from catching the first performance of Matt Howe & Dean Reichard’s debut cabaret Double Entendre.  Matt and Dean seem to be having a lot of fun, and the show is filled with terrific material.  Dean’s People That You Never Get to Love was quite touching, and Matt scored with a beautifully simple Bein’ Green and an uprorious Everybody’s Girl.

Here’s a cabaret lesson: someone who was complaining about doing choreography looked pretty darn good doing it!

The show reapeats tomorrow night at 8:00pm at CHAW (545 7th St SE, Washington DC). $15  Reservations. 

Here’s the song stack:

  • You’re Just In Love (Berlin)
  • The People That You Never Get to Love (Holmes)
  • Bein’ Green (Raposo)
  • Imagination (Burke / Van Huesen)
  • Colored Lights (Kander / Ebb)
  • Popular (Schwartz)
  • Help Is On the Way (Friedman)
  • Blue Skies (Berlin)
  • Everybody’s Girl (Kander / Ebb)
  • Unusual Way (Yeston)
  • Simple (Yeston)
  • Infinite Joy (Finn)
  • Old Friend (Cryer / Ford)
  • I Move On (Kander / Ebb)
  • We Share Everything (Krieger / Russell)

One Response to The First Double Entendre

  1. Jill says:

    Dean and Matt both made me laugh and cry (Matt with “Bein Green” and Dean with “Help Is On The Way.” Now THAT’s cabaret. Beautiful job, fellas.

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