Gosh — Josh

Josh YoungWhile we were seeing the closing matinee of A Little Night Music at Center Stage, Ron picked up the CD of Josh Young (the Henrick).

Young has a voice that many will instantly fall in love with.  The album contains a lot of terrific singing and fresh takes on material.  The arrangements by Brian Lowdermilk are superb, and Lowdermilk’s song Run Away with Me* is one of the highlights of the CD.   And Young duets with two under-recorded Broadway ladies — Felicia Finley and Kate Shindle.

I still say Flight is an impossible song with no real succesful version that balances both the needs of the story and the vocalism passages.  (My partner) Ron thinks Young’s version works.  (He’s certainly more successful than most, but…)

Here are the tracks:

1 How To Not Be With You2 Flight3 Sometimes A Day Goes By4 Run Away With Me5 In Whatever Time We Have6 Longer7 My Romance8 Come What May9 If You’re Not The One10 Both Sides Now11 Someone To Fall Back On12 Even The Pain13 West Side Story Medley



2 Responses to Gosh — Josh

  1. Marianne Glass Miller says:

    I know how you feel about “Flight,” Michael, but I would urge you (and anyone else who’s interested!) to listen to David Burnham’s version. I’ll concede that the song is too long and hammers home its point, but Burnham’s version is effortless and very moving.

  2. cabaretdc says:

    really appreciate your comment. I just listened to David Burnham’s version again. I agree that it’s beautifully sung and the vocalisms are truly lovely. And the last 1/3 of the piece sort of comes together. For me, though, the opening is oversung and I don’t get the initial statement of the problem. I don’t get the emotional pivot before “I don’t know, maybe I’m just a fool.” And I don’t get any emotional backing for the transition from vocalism to singing “Let me just roll” etc. As I say, I think the material is fraught and none of the 10ish versions in my collection work for me. (Lisa Asher comes the closest despite somewhat earthbound vocalisms.)

    But I look forward to seeing/hearing your solution! That’s the glory of cabaret!

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