Barb Jungr

Bare Again

I finally got a Barb Jungr CD after hearing so much about her in recent months.  This is an CD from the late ’90s, so I don’t know if it reflects her current work.  I thought it was OK.  Sing songs slow.  Have a rock growl.  Communicate what you’re singing about.  The vibe is younger, non-medicated Marianne Faithful.

But for cabaret, I guess you have to see it live.

1 King of the Road
2 Waterloo Sunset
3 Where Are You Now?
4 Au Depart
5 Me and Bobby McGee
6 What Lovers Do
7 Les Amants D’Un Jour
8 Waht a Waste
9 My Father
10 Sons Of
11 Suzanne
12 Dancers to the Dawn
13 Mother Tongue
14 Just for Today
15 Song for Dan

One Response to Barb Jungr

  1. barb jungr says:

    thanks for your review, if you go to my website you will see that this cd was recorded in 1999 and re released as a tribute to the piano player and my longtime musical collaborator Russell Churney who died in February 08 and that since then there have been 6 releases on the Linn records label all of which are available on and
    I hope you will contact me and I will be happy to get Linn records to send you more recent releases which may give you a better idea of my work.
    With best wishes,

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