A Catered Affair

A Catered Affair (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Okay, this new show sounds like a musicalized episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway?  It has Tom Wapt, Faith Prince, and Harvey Fierstein giving the sort of performances that you’d pretty much expect them to give.  Similarly, the John Bucchino score will work for Bucchino fans, but I doubt it will make many new ones.

There are two songs that I can see working very well in a cabaret situation.  One White Dress is a perfect number for a woman needing a charm song about getting married.  (Actually it would be really interesting to have Sondheim’s Getting Married Today or Coleman/Field’s I Love to Cry at Weddings follow in a set.)  Don’t Ever Stop Saying “I Love You” is a pleasant love duet.





1. Partners

2. Ralph and Me

3. Married

4. Women Chatter

5. No Fuss

6. Your Children s Happiness

7. Immediate Family

8. Our Only Daughter

9. Women Chatter 2

10. One White Dress

11. Vision

12. Don t Ever Stop Saying I Love You

13. I Stayed

14. Married (reprise)

15. Coney Island

16. Don t Ever Stop Saying I Love You (reprise)

17. Coney Island (reprise)

One Response to A Catered Affair

  1. Jill Leger says:

    So cool that they got this out so fast! I’ve been so curious about the score. Thanks for the review, dear Michael!!!!

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