Maybe a solution????


Sony ICDUX70RED Digital Voice Recorder MP3 Stereo Recording and Playback

Ron and I have been searching for a digital recording solution for a while.  The Sony MiniDisc player, while offering stunning sound and the ability to edit tracks on the fly, often got really wonky; we never knew when it would work.  The microphone attachment for the iPod seems to compress silences which is not good for recording music where one needs accurate time.  Plus it drains the iPod batteries really quickly and is impossible to use with the iPod plugged in to a power source.

So far, this MP3 recorder has worked really well for us.  The sound, while “only” MP3 quality is great — no hiss as in a cassette recorder.  It’s small (and hidable).  It runs on an easily replacable AAA battery.  And you can plug it right into the USB port on a computer to download the files for use on your iPod, etc.  The only other drawback is that if you want to break a file into smaller tracks, you’ll have to use a separate music editing program.


One Response to Maybe a solution????

  1. Michael says:

    I am actually looking around — or at least just thinking about looking around — for a new recorder, my cassete tape recorder is loud and staticky and just plain NOT useful sometimes! Thanks for the tip! :O)

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