A different world after 9/11…

It seems to me, especially living in the DC area, that many organizations from the Federal government to the local bodega have used “it’s a different world after 9/11” as an excuse for any inconvenient, customer-unfriendly action they want.

When I was recently trying to figure out how long I’ve been now doing this blog, I realized that I started it on 9/11 last year.  This made me think, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could turn 9/11 into a day where we all try to do something, in whatever small way, pro-actively for the public good? I think if we make 9/11 a day of service and belief in the indominatable human spirit, then the terrorists certainly will have lost.  And so will the beaurocratic opportunists!

Also, I’d like to take this anniversary moment to thank my beloved “tens of readers” who have made writing this blog such a rewarding experience and who inspire me on a daily basis!

3 Responses to A different world after 9/11…

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    Dear Michael! As one of your devoted readers, I thank you for the outrageously fabulous service you provide to the cabaret community. Your blog is like a mini master class every day! The sum of your year’s work on this blog is spectacular. Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge and passion for this art form.
    With love, thanks, and looking forward to reading more…from someone who is a proud friend of this blog (and YOU!), Emily

  2. Justin Ritchie says:

    Dear Michael,

    I am one of your faithful readers. For someone who is still relatively new to this community, your website (not to mention you) is a wealth of information and knowledge. Thanks for all the work that goes into keeping your blog up and running – it doesn’t write itself.

    You’re the best!


  3. Marianne Glass Miller says:

    Dear Michael,
    I don’t dare start the day without reading your blog. I think of it as the “village green” on which our cabaret community gathers, shares ideas and opinions, and learns. Thank you so much for being the generous soul that you are and bringing your knowledge, wit and heart to all of us every day!

    Hug and love,

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