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I hadn’t been on the BluGobo site for a while and it’s been snazzed up a bit.  The navigation seems much easier and they’ve added a passel of content.

For those of you who haven’t been on this site, it’s a terrific resource for video clips of televised numbers from musicals.  It’s amazing to see things like the Who’s That Woman staging from the London production of Follies or Poor Little Person from Henry, Sweet Henry with the amazing Alice Playton doing early Michael Bennett choreography. 

I’ve been starting to draft some thoughts on adapting stage numbers to cabaret.  Here’s a clip that I thought I would never see again — the American Dance Machine’s re-creation of If the Rain’s Gotta Fall from Half a Sixpence.  Here is staging that takes a so-so song, and uses dance and staging to build and build and build it into something spectacular.  Good luck trying to do that with the very slight material in a cabaret setting.  (And the note on the site is incorrect — the hat toss is built into the staging.)

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