DCCN November Open Mic

This month’s DC Cabaret Network Open Mic was really, really fun on a lot of levels: 

  • Not only was  Terri Allen was her always-lovely hostess self, but she debuted her version of the great Susan Werner song Misery and Happiness, which almost became the theme of the evening. 
  • There were a couple of new performers who really contributed some fresh perspectives to the evening. 
  • There was the terrific work on piano of Reenie Codelka who made the piano (and occasionally the singers) sound better than deserved. 
  • Similarly Jeff Tucker contributed awesome sound, and I think he really enjoyed Sarah Thomas’s pop-oriented work that allowed him a chance to play with reverb effects more than usual. 
  • There were people who who bravely tried new material or are just getting so gosh-darned good at what they’re doing. 
  • There were people who chose to spend their evening with us just to listen. 
  • And I got to sit next to Emily Everson (and someone compared the two of us to the Muppet characters who used to sit in the balcony).

Ron and I are hosting next month’s gathering — Monday, Devember 15th.  Bring your multi-demonitational holiday music and cheer!  Mary Sugar will be at the keys!

Here’s what people sang:

  • Terri Allen
    • Misery and Happiness
  • Davy Brown
    • What a Lovely Day to Be Out of Jail
  • Deborah Davidson
    • Not While I’m Around
    • Black Coffee
  • Emily Everson
    • Lost in Wonderland
    • I Wish It So
  • Michael Miyazaki
    • Thanks for the Memory
    • Lush Life
  • Ilene Photos
    • Political Science
    • Thank You So Much, Mrs. Lowsborough-Goodby
  • Kathy Reilly
    • Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered)
    • Little Girl Blue
  • Mary Reilly
    • I Didn’t Know About You
    • You Don’t Know What Love Is
  • Catherine Satterlee
    • Dancing in the Dark
    • Mind on My Man
  • Lonny Smith
    • You’ve Got Something
    • That’s All
  • Ron Squeri
    • Proud of Your Boy
    • House of the Rising Sun
  • Sarah Thomas
    • I’m Your Man
    • Umbrella
  • Christie Trapp
    • In My Daughter’s Eyes
    • In a Restaurant By the Sea
  • Eileen Warner
    • Is It Hot in Here
    • I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
  • Maris Wicker
    • Lonely House 

2 Responses to DCCN November Open Mic

  1. Toni Rae says:

    I’m so sorry I missed it! I really wanted to try out a new song, but I was feeling absolutely lousy. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Matt Howe says:

    I’m bummed I didn’t go! The selection of songs and performers sounds like it was stellar. I’m still recovering from a cold … ick.

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