Some Holiday Cheer from Sue Matsuki and Ed Clark

Sue & Edd's Fabulous Christmas

This CD sizzles, fizzes, and brims over with holiday cheer!  It has some wonderful versions of holiday favorites, like one of the most cool-jazz versions of Carol of the Bells.  Ever!  It has some lovely holiday ballads, particularly Matsuki’s All Those Christmas Cliches.  And a couple of songs are the perfect consolation if the guy in the red suit left some coal in your stocking!

(And cabaret singers — this collection is a particular gift if you’re trying to boost your holiday song repertoire!)


  • Wonderful Christmas Opener
  • Christmas In New York
  • All Those Christmas Cliches
  • Pine Cones And Holly Berries
  • I Bought You A Plastic Star
  • Please Come Home For Christmas
  • After The Holidays – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  • Some Children See Him
  • Mary, Did You Know
  • The Last Noel
  • An Evening In December
  • Carol Of The Bells
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Bonus Track – The Gift Of Maggie
  • Bonus Track – The Pretty Little Dolly

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