John Miller

John Miller Takes on BroadwayJohn Miller is a pre-eminent musical contractor in New York as well as a freelance bassist.  He was also Tony nominated as part of the band in I Love My Wife. This CD has him presenting music from the theater in a variety of contemporary pop styles.

As an excercise, I think this recording is fascinating and adept.  Classics from the Broadway songbook are given arrangements that would befit artists as varied as Jimmy Buffet, Willie Nelson, or Elvis Costello.  The musicianship is superb.  And on each track one feels the sense of what Miller is trying to accomplish.

Still, the whole venture left me incredibly cold.  I can’t say that after listening to this CD I got any more of a sense of Miller than a very capable musician/singer who can adapt material to a lot of styles.  It would be good as the background for a dinner party, though.

  1. Why Can’t You Behave?

  2. Wouldn’t it Be Lovely?

  3. Hey There

  4. Ol’ Man River

  5. I Won’t Grow Up

  6. Fugue for Tinhorns

  7. Real Live Girl

  8. I Can’t Say No

  9. Hernando’s Hideaway

10. We Kiss in a Shadow

11. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’

12. Secret Love

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