Visit the Low Country with Lina Koutrakos!

The Low Country Plus DVD

It always amazes me that one of top director/coaches in the world of cabaret, who guides her charges into amazing interpretations of Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, et. al., is at heart a Southern-rocker singer/songwriter.*

Lina Koutrakos’s new CD, The Low Country, showcases the artist as the full, expressive force-of-nature that she is.  Performances on the CD present her as questioner, priestess, emotional audience, and comforter of acute insight, intelligence and heart.**  All the material has been penned by Koutrakos, who clearly supports her strengths as a performer and human with a story to tell.

One of the things Ron and I always say about cabaret is that it is hard to really “get” a performer without seeing them  As a special bonus, this CD comes with a DVD with an interview with Koutrakos and clips of her doing a couple of the numbers.

1 Southern Rain
2 What Am I Gonna Do
3 Without a Trace
4 Hold
5 Lighting
6 Love Will Save the Day
7 Fly Away
8 For Now
9 Here I Am
10 Matia Mou
11 Love Grows Here
12 Bury Me Deep


*Those following the NY cabaret scene know that Koutrakos recently combined the two strains of her work to great acclaim with her recent show Torch.

**Actually, it’s the same combination that make her an awesome instructor.

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