Merry Christmas to All!!!

December 25, 2008

Jill Leger gave Ron and I a special gift when she wrote this song for Ron and me.  I hope that all your holidays are filled with special gifts — and especially the gift of music in your heart!

Lina & Rick are comin’ to town!

December 23, 2008

As much as I think all the terrific people out there who coach each have something vital to give (and mostly do a great job giving it), I will flat-out state that IMHO, Lina Koutrakos is by far the best.  Her two strengths are in really keying in on what a specific performer needs in a specific situation (and in their particular point in their journey) as well as an amazing ability to take an already great performance and make it spectacular.  (Sounds easy, but in truth it’s really, really hard.  Think of all the “great” people you’ve seen who have trouble crossing over into “spectacular.”) 

She and Rick Jensen are offering a version of their workshop here in DC at the end of January.  I’m personally bummed that I’ll be out of town for it, but I can’t recommend this experience enough for performers at all levels. 

Hi Everyone-
The workshop is on! The dates are Fri Jan 23, Sat Jan 24 and Sunday Jan 25. The hours are approximately 9-5 p.m. on Fri & Sat and 10-4 p.m. on Sunday. The cost is $625. We are close to confirming location, but at this time I don’t have that finalized. We are also shooting for a Saturday night show with Lina and Rick (tickets are included in your fee at no extra cost) and a Sunday night Particpant showcase. These locations have not been finalized either.

Lina and Rick are very excited to come to DC. They have been talking about the great talent pool in the area for a long time and we’re thrilled that we can make this happen. We hit a stumbling block due to coordinating schedules and a little thing called the Presidential Innaugaration (I’m never sure if I’m spelling that right), but we are now ready to go full steam ahead.

I need payment in full by Jan 1st in order to hold a place for you. You can pay by check or if you want to spread out your payments you can use a credit card via Pay Pal. Please note there is an additional 3% service charge for using Pay Pal that will be added to your total. I will send you payment information once you tell me you’re in. There is no refund after Jan 1st, so please be sure that you can commit. Of course, if for some reason there is a cancellation on our end, you will be refunded in full.

You will need to prepare about 5 songs that are memorized and ready to work. Many of you have been down this road before. Lina is excellent with taking singers at the level they come in and guiding them to the next step. So no matter where you’re at this workshop will advance your peformning and I can guarantee you that it will be transformative to your work. We have been producing this exact workshop in St. Louis, Santa Fe, Boston and Chicago with great results. Below are some quotes from particpants.

Please let me know ASAP if you are in. If you notifiy me that you are, I will hold a space for you until Jan 1st, at which time I will need payment in full. After that I will have to open up any unpaid slots.

Call me with questions/concerns. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!
Tim Schall
314-359-0786 (cell)

“Mall the Merrier” Update

December 21, 2008

Well, we’ve made it through 3 shows and have 2 left to go.  The creative team made some changes after the first show that seemed to tighten things up (and we even remembered most of them last night).

Bob Anthony weighed in with a positive review on his site, 

“…It is short and sweet and, as the title indicates, it is complete with holiday songs.  

“…Ms. Papendorp has by far the most polished acting and singing and deserves all of her applause. 

“…   So do attend the subsequent shows if you need a little more cheering up during the Yule season and contribute at the same time to a most worthy cause.”

Tonight’s show is a benefit for the Polio Society of Washington.

Remaining performances are tonight (Sunday, 12/21) and tomorrow (Monday, 12/22) at the Warehouse Theater.

Tix & info.

Marvelous Wonderettes

December 20, 2008

The Marvelous Wonderettes

I have no idea what the actual plot of this show is, but it seems to feature every girl-group song ever recorded (or even conceived).  So if you’re a big fan of the genre and welcome a very-slightly different sounding approach to your favorite material you’ll love this recording.  If you want interpretation, insight, or emotional connection, this probably isn’t the CD for you.

  1. Welcome / Mr. Sandman

  2. Lollipop / Sugartime

  3. Allegheny Moon

  4. All I Have to Do Is Dream / Dream Lover

  5. Stupid Cupid

  6. Lipstick on Your Collar

  7. Lucky Lips

  8. Secret Love

  9. Mr. Lee / Born Too Late / Teacher’s Pet

10. Sincerely / Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight

11. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

12. Welcome Back / Heat Wave

13. It’s in His Kiss

14. Wedding Bell Blues

15. You Don’t Own Me

16. With This Ring

17. I Only Want to Be With You

18. That’s When the Tears Start

19. It’s My Party

20. Son of a Preacher Man

21. Leader of the Pack

22. Maybe

23. Maybe I Know

24. Needle in a Haystack

25. Rescue Me

26. Respect

27. Thank You and Goodnight / Sincerely

Santaland Diaries

December 20, 2008

santaland.gifI saw the City Artistic Partnerships production of David Sedaris’s The Santaland Diaries Friday night and I was awestruck.  I mean the show was lovely, but what had me agape was that the theater was sold out.  As someone who has performed in the space any number of times with different companies, I know that getting audiences into that space can be a challenge.  (And companies that mount at the Warehouse often use a strategy that combines an “if we build it they will come” attitude with a dependance on the psychic abilities of their audience to find the actual production.)  It could be that I’m impressed because the show was sold out (on a Friday!) and hitherto completely off my radar.  So congratulations City Artistic Partnerships!!!!

As for the show, despite the publicity photo, it is a one-person telling of humorist David Sedaris’s experiences as an elf at Macy’s one holiday season in New York.  Although much of the humor of the script comes from satirizing rather obvious and expected targets, it hits them with dead-on efficiency, and presents a nice mixture of snarkiness and sentiment. 

Joe Brack performs the piece with energy and conviction.  He resembles a younger Jim Carrey.  At the beginning of the piece I felt he was working a tad hard (much the way I think Carrey tends to work a tad hard), but the audience was generally enthralled for the 80ish minutes of the piece, and he finished with a charm and grace.

All the other elements — direction, sets, lights, sound, box office, and refreshments — were handled with a level of aplomb that gives me great hope for the future of City Artistic Partnerships.  I’ll make sure that they’re future projects are on my radar!

Stephen Holden on Simon Green on Noel Coward

December 18, 2008

The NYTimes reviews the Simon Green’s Noel Noel show: “For those not intimidated, the show, which runs through Jan. 4, is a swift, entertaining immersion in the Coward style led by a charming practitioner of the elevated parlando cabaret approach, in which singing and talking blend together. In Mr. Green’s variation, emotion is stifled below a facade of civilized amusement. The singer, echoing Coward’s attitude, looks askance at his own demons — the same demons that everyone else has — and translates anger, fear, lust and sorrow into bons mots, aphorisms and clever rhymes. Chaos is held at bay with compulsive wit.”

VoixDeVille — Past and Future

December 18, 2008

Burgess Guitar & Fork

I went to VoixDeVille at Indigo at the Atlas Theater last Saturday.  I got my cheese plate and a Diet Coke!!!!  So things are looking up service-wise.

It was great to see Terri Allen, Lonny Smith, and Justin Ritchie do their In Full Light piece.  The three are terrific performers and I loved them singing their songs.  I also love a show where Help is the second-oldest song in the line-up.  And Mary Sugar provided fabulous musical support (but what else would one expect). I feel that these terrific performers have not yet achieved their full potential with this piece, especially in terms of show structure and connective  tissue.  So it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a next edition.

The rest of the evening was more of a mixed bag than the previous time I went.  But there was a pleasantly mixed crowd, so let’s hope we see more!!!  Congratulations to Scott Burgess — host and producer — to how far you’ve gotten this so far!

Here’s the line-up for Saturday:*

martin&lewisTHE CROONER AND THE COMIC – pays tribute to America’s beloved show business duo, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Bringing this comical duet back to the stage are Eric Richardson as Dean Martin and Matt Macis as Jerry Lewis.  With their impeccable timing, world class vocals and over-the-top antics, this Martin & Lewis tribute will leave audiences caught up in this wild pair’s hijinx, begging for more!

ERIC RICHARDSON (The Crooner) –  is an actor, vocalist, celebrity impersonator and an overall master of “character” having played diverse roles ranging from Fagin in Oliver, to Sky Masterson in Guys & Dolls, to that homespun lawyer, Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. He has appeared on stage, in film and on several TV series. His approach to any character lies in his pursuit of detail, which makes every one of his characters unique and whole.
MATT MACIS (The Clown) –  began his professional career at age 16 in Ken Davenport’s Awesome 80s Prom. At age 19, he was deemed “a genuine find” by the Washington Post for his work in Bat Boy (Landless Theatre Co., DC). Now 20, his resume includes a national tour, TV, film, and work as the “Lewis” half of the Martin & Lewis Tribute. He is also the world’s youngest working professional Michael Jackson tribute artist. GOOGLE him!

John McBride
John McBride
John is half-black, half-Italian, mixed with a little Jewish, and probably some other stuff, but he is 100% funny. At least that’s what his mom says. John’s material inspired by the stupid things his friends say, his romantic misadventures, and food he doesn’t like – has been quoted in the Washington Post. McBride was a finalist in DC Improv’s Funniest Person in DC contest 2007. He has worked with comics Ted Alexandro, DC Benny, and Tony Rock, and is a regular at the DC Improv. He co-writes the popular blog “Not Hating Just Saying,” featured on

 Don’t Miss this on-going one ring circus of quality shows featuring performers who are making a different kind of noise. Experience something you cannot get in your living rooms, on any TV set, home theater or computer. VoixDeVille the voice of the city.

DISCOUNTS!: Check out for our special December Button Discount.

The Indigo Room
Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE
Box Office 202-399-7993 x2
For booking information call Scott Burgess
202-399-7993 x121
The Atlas is accessible by MetroBus, Rail and Taxi
Contact the Box Office for Tickets and More Details or


Doors: 7:30 pm
Performance: 8:00 pm
Tickets: 15.00 (buy on line at