Stephen Holden on Eric Michael Gillett

The notable cabaret director is wearing his performer hat and the NYTimes weighs in: “It takes courage for a portly middle-aged man whom no one would confuse with a teen idol to sing the Backstreet Boys’ hit “As Long As You Love Me” and Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” with a full-voiced semi-operatic fervor. Because Mr. Gillett has only a piano (Don Rebic) and bass (Steve Doyle) behind him, these and other pop ballads, stripped of studio embellishment, emerged from their signature recordings as insistent blasts of concentrated pop sentimentality.”


2 Responses to Stephen Holden on Eric Michael Gillett

  1. Jill Leger says:

    Thanks for this! I love him on his Craig Carnelia CD!

  2. Anders Holst says:

    Well, that is a very typical comment from a reviewer, talking about what is not there instead of talking about what was there, and I have to say that Eric Michael Gillett’s renditions of these songs and celine Dion’s “Because you love me” are incredibly sensitive and sophisticaetd and brings out the innate quality of the songs, it is only after a while listeing to them that you connected with the pop version of the songs, and that is great art!!!

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