Road Report: Brown Palace


I’m currently in Denver and staying at the historic Brown Palace hotel.  Of course I’ve had the score from the Unsinkable Molly Brown going through my head ad nauseum.  Fortunately, after I heard the pianist in the lobby play a suite of songs from Follies as well as the intro to All The Things You Are, I knew I found someone who could help.  So the terrific John Kite was kind enough to play I Ain’t Down Yet for me and that seemed to get it out of my system.  Also, the bellman told me that the hotel was named after the architect and that the only connection with Molly Brown was that she took singing lessons here.  But not only is the lobby a great place to see the beautiful people of Denver, but I’ll never say to a place that also played host to the winning steers from the recent cattle show.


One Response to Road Report: Brown Palace

  1. Jill Leger says:

    Is your room painted red w/ a big brass bed? 🙂
    Love the Molly references, Michael!

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