Road Report: Satisfying and Delicious

I got to visit the Hammonds Candies factory and shop on this trip, something I’ve never had the time to do before in Denver.

Hammonds Candies is notable for manufacturing pulled sugar candies such as candy canes, lollipops, straws, pillows, etc.

The tour lets people watch as the candy makers boil sugar, pour it onto a cooling table, color and work with it.  I even saw people twisting lollipops.

I always admire people who work in factories and other areas that allow tours.  I would hardly want people witnessing my day at work.  But I think it says a lot about how proud the Hammonds people are about their manufacturing process that the factory is pristine and open for public inspection.

The shop is also an amazing assortment of every sort of sweet, just the thing of childhood wishes (although I didn’t see any edible dishes).


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