Fly Me to… Iowa?

For those Bart Howard fans and those Iowans (and especially those Iowans who are Bart Howard fans), I received this interesting bit of news:


I realize that you live a long way from eastern Iowa, where I’m doing publicity for a cabaret concert, but I thought you might be interested in what’s going on here. I suspect that your site gets visitors from all around the country, and maybe some of them would like to know about how the hometown for composer Bart Howard is working to preserve his legacy.

I have included a blurb at the end of this email. Thanks.
Ron Givens

On the evening of March 7, 2009, an all-star cabaret concert will honor composer Bart (“Fly Me to the Moon”) Howard in his hometown of Burlington, Iowa — a town of 25,000 along the Mississippi River. KT Sullivan, Steve Ross, Allan Harris, and Joyce Breach will be the singers in a benefit gala to raise money for a new archive in Burlington devoted to Howard, a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame who wrote more than 300 songs. Rex Reed will be the master of ceremonies. Historian and author James Gavin will give a lecture on Howard and cabaret music. Tickets to the event are $50, and can be purchased by sending a check to Bart Howard Gala Tickets, P.O. Box 583, Burlington, IA 5260l. For more information, call 319-572-6637.


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