More Workshop Notes

Charlene James-Duguid very generously shares her jottings from Lina Koutrakos and Rick Jensen’s recent cabaret workshop in town:

Always use lights for transitions
Give birth in front of audience, every time
Do songs that celebrate the life you are in
Look at Country Music
Rediscover new music and while you are performing
Songs are a metaphor for you
Your Hit Parade
Don’t run fast
Thank your angel
Do material in a way that suits you
Have a map and follow it
Allow yourself vocal mistakes
Don’t miss a joke
Know what you want to communicate
Be specific
Comedy is real don’t schmact
Think real all the time
Thought should break on action, definitely not in middle of a word
Think, feel and use vocal muscles
Take responsibility for what audience hears and sees especially if audience has to take something in about you
Be comfortable with mic
Sing to someone in room
Specifics are critical, you can’t fake it
Stay with someone in exercise
Write lyrics by line, have a reality and have a place to land
Do subtext work
Always take responsibility
Must have focus out
Settle in with focus
Need stillness
Give yourself permission so audience has permission
Never apologize in words or demeanor
Don’t work too hard
Have a beginning, middle and end
Have a task
If you have your “experience” the audience will too
Feel it yourself
Don’t do, be
As you perform decide the intensity to go to, often 8 but never 10 or above
Loud is not the same as power or strength
Catalyst for performance begins in life
Sing, listen and think all at same time
Sometimes “reset” or switch gears in performance
Must tell the truth with patter and it must have entertainment value
Cabaret must be very individual, don’t indicate and don’t hide, must be genuine
“Fuck factor” — sometimes just let it go
Just give the facts
Must have tools to perfect your craft
Have ownership of song, this is MY version
Be a vehicle for telling a true story
Each of us has something unique about us that no one else has
The only task is to tell the truth


One Response to More Workshop Notes

  1. Karen says:

    umm-wow. All I can say is I cannot wait for my turn.
    Karen 🙂

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