Marianne Glass Miller at CHAW

I got to see the debut performance of Marianne Glass Miller doing her first solo show, So Far at CHAW. 

Part of me wants to joke that the show should be called About Time since Marianne has been a solid musical presence in DC (dating back to the Off The Circle days with fondly-remembered performers like Pam Bierly, Dorie Legg, and Ann Johnson) without ever actually having done a solo show.  But the proof is in the pudding.  It’s obviously terrific that she waited until she was good and ready to do a show on her own terms because this was a wonderful debut outing.

One of the hardest things for most people approaching their first show is to get their persona right.  But Marianne was the same charming, open, witty, approachable person on-stage than she is off.  I thought she did a terrific job of picking interesting, varied material that she filtered through her own distinct sensibility so it seemed like a cohesive whole.  And she had a variety of charming moments throughout.  One of my favorites was when she admitted an early ambition of being one of Bette Midler’s backup singers, and lip-synched to a recording of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy doing the back-up moves.

George Fulginiti-Shakar provided terrific, imaginitive support and the sure hand of stage director Judy Simmons was evident throughout.

Toward the end of the show, Marianne said “I always used to think of myself as the supporting actor, not the leading lady.”  Well tonight it was lovely to see her take and hold center stage so convincingly.  And best of all, she’s doing it all again Saturday night.

Here’s the song list:

  • When I See an Elephant Fly
  • Take Me to the World
  • Another Night at Darryl’s
  • My Husband Makes Movies
  • Why Walk When You Can Fly
  • Not While I’m Around
  • I Get to Show You the Ocean
  • I Don’t Remember You
  • I Can’t Be New
  • The Last Song
  • It’s the Strangest Thing
  • Before the Parade Passes By
  • (encore) On My Way to You

I have to admit a slight disappointment that she didn’t sing my favorite songs from her repertoire, Come Down From Your Tree and Make Me a Kite, but it just shows the depth of her repertoire.  OR maybe it’s a start for her next show!


2 Responses to Marianne Glass Miller at CHAW

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    what joy it was to see marianne taking her place, sharing her stories/songs and making a lovely wonderful show of it. it was a pre-911 world when i first shared a stage with marianne at the nih in a lerner and loewe reivew…she was, of course, terrific then…and one night show’d the steely recources of her character by taking on an extra song, singing for a voiceless cast member. she nailed it. she nailed it last night, too. it’s a thrill to see someone bloom and BECOME before your eyes. congratulations marianne! i am grateful for having been there last night. xo em

  2. Ron Squeri says:

    You are so right Emily. I have watched Marianne blossom as a cabaret performer, at showcases, and open mics, and I am so happy to have been at her debut solo performance. Her choice of material, and presenting it with her own point of view really made the evening very enjoyable. I think Christy Trapp actually put it so well when at the end of the performance she looked at her watch and commented how quickly an hour flies when you are having fun. Marianne, kudos. And as Michael said last night, you get to do it again tonight, what a thrill, for the tonight’s audience and hopefully for you as well.

    hugs- Ron

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