Mea culpa…

There’ve been so many great things going on in town, the February DC Cabaret Network Open Mic fell off my radar.

It was a warm but chilled crowd at the Warehouse Theater with the always-lovely Reenie Codelka at the keys.

Here’s what people sang:

  • Terri Allen
    • Here You Come Again
    • My Funny Valentine
  • Davy Brown
    • Flushed Down the Pipes
    • The Great American TV Show
  • Chris Cochran
    • If I Were Pretty
    • What Did I Have That I Don’t Have ?
  • John Eichel
    • Car Crash
    • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
  • Emily Everson
    • You Can’t Go Home Again
    • Your Heart’s Desire
  • Charlene James-Duguid
    • Them There Eyes / Jeepers Creepers
  • David McMullen
    • Fifty Million Years Ago
  • M ichael Miyazaki
    • Charade
  • Byron Murray
    • I’m a Stranger Here Myself
    • Ballad of the Sad Young Men
    • Language of Love
  • Justin Ritchie
    • Look In My Eyes
    • If I Should Lose My Way
  • Ron Squeri
    • Almost Like Being in Love
    • Unexpected Song
  • Sarah Thomas
    • I Put a Spell On You
    • All of You
  • Christie Trapp
    • Occupation
    • I’ll Get Up Tomorrow Morning
  • Laurie White
    • Sooner or Later

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