I stand corrected…

Lonny Smith and I had a bit of a back-and-forth this morning about the clip above.  It’s Lauren Bacall doing a tribute that Sondheim wrote for the occasion of Leonard Bernstein’s 70th birthday in a concert that was broadcast live on PBS. In one of the most notorious lyrics in the song, Sondheim mad a thinly veiled reference to Bernstein’s bisexuality.  I quoted the lyric as …”I don’t care if he picks a schlemiel or a shiksa, he should please make up his mind.”  Lonny said I had the quote wrong, and as you will see if you watch this video, I did.

BTW, I’m assuming that the “anagrams” game is Sondheim self-referencing, which makes me curious whom “tennis” refers to.


2 Responses to I stand corrected…

  1. Lonny Smith says:

    Oh, Michael. This started on Facebook and escalated to YouTube and your blog! I’ve almost got the lyrics down, though I can’t compete with La Bacall’s glamour and sass. I hope you can see the Weill, Arlen, Bernstein show.

  2. Lonny:
    For God’s sake, the next time you make a comment like this on the site, please make sure you leave a link to the info for your show — even if it’sfully written out because you can’t hyper link — http://atlasarts.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=176077. What kind of self-promoter are you???

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