Diane dishes on Pat, Ann, Marin, and Jason

If you go to any of the cabaret events at the Kennedy Center or Strathmore, you’ll usually see Diane Schroth there in the front row.  She sent in this appraisal of the events I missed last weekend.

Patricia Barber and Ann Hampaton Callaway

BARBER WAS TERRIBLE AND YOU WOULD NEVER RECOGNIZE THE SONGS AS COLE PORTER.  AN USHER TOLD ME LOTS OF FOLKS LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PERFORMANCE.  H0WEVER, ANN WAS FABULOUS.…I forgot to tell you that Barber played the piano barefoot and drinking red wine throughout the show.  She had strange facial expressions and finger gestures to her musicians

Marin Mazzie and Jason Danieley

They were spectacular; in fact, the best cabaret I’ve seen at the Kennedy Center, including Barbara Cook.  They sang all the songs from this album and you can hear it here. http://www.marinandjason.com/

Thank you Diane!!!!

Here’s Nelson Pressley’s review of Mazzie / Danieley in the Post.

Mike Joyce’s review of Patricia Barber in the Post


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