Maris Wicker and Lonny Smith at Indigo

Lonny Smith writes:
On Feb. 28, Maris Wicker, Mary Sugar, and I will be performing our new show “Lenny*, Kurt, and Harold” – an evening of music by Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill, and Harold Arlen. If you don’t know their music, the show will be a great introduction to these three greats of the American Songbook, and you will probably recognize at least a song or two. If you are familiar with their work, we hope to present their music with a fresh and contemporary perspective.
We will be performing as the main act in the Indigo Room’s Voix de Ville series, Scott Burgess’ celebration of the wide variety of D.C.-area entertainers. You get our show, plus about an hour of other entertainment for a recession-friendly $15, plus a $10 food/drink minimum – available at the door or at The evening begins at 8 p.m., and the Indigo is located at 1333 H Street NE, up on the mezzanine level. Hope to see you there!
*Some people have thought that this is a typo, but it refers to “‘Lenny’ Bernstein” not “‘Lonny’ Smith”

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