Gypsy of the Year 2008

I finally got the DVD for the 2008 Gypsy of the Year (order info here).

One of two large Broadway events for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, the show is a culmination of winter-season fundraising by Broadway casts, with the companies of different shows doing presentations.  They range from the satiric to the showbizzy to the inspirational.

As always, when you have a variety of contributors, these things are always hit and miss.  But this show had some great hits.  Seth Rudedsky of Broadway Chatterbox fame hosts and is amazing doing his schtick of deconstructing fabulous cast album moments.  The Naked Boys Singing group has a terrific song that I think would be perfect for a local performer (are you reading this DMc?).  And as a going away present, the cast of Hairspray presents five Mama Mortons doing a bit of competitive singing.

However, the most special moment of the show is when those great [title of show] folks do a presentation that manages to be satiric, showbizzy, and inspirational all at once.  I hope that life presents the chance for these five gifted performers to become a sort of 21st century Manhattan Transfer or a Broadway Kronos, being given the chance to develop new works from their very special point of view.

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