CHAWbaret 5: Road Trip

I just go back from seeing the latest edition of CHAWbaret.  The theme of this particular outing concerns journeys, whether in a physical or an emotional sense.  And I thought that the performers dis a particularly good job of either picking songs for the theme or using patter to shoehorn their selections into the theme. 

Highlights include Matt Howe in a well-crafted Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking; Dean Reichard’s feisty Wherever He Ain’t; Lynne Barstow’s wry flight attendant welcoming people to the second act; Barbara Papendorp’s space-age Fly Me to the Moon; and Elise Logeman alternately sassy on No Man is Worth It and touching on Let Him Fly. 

And with five editions of the show, I think it’s terrific that producer Dean Reichard has done so much to give so many people the opportunity to perform.

There are three more shows.

Here’s the song stack: 

  • Pure Imagination (Dean Reichard)
  • Here I Am (Dean Reichard)
  • Sous le Ciel de Paris (Barbara Pappendorp)
  • Gay Paree (Daryl Anderson)
  • From Russia With Love (Daryl Anderson)
  • (I’ll See You in) C-U-B-A (Barbara Pappendorp)
  • Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking (Matt Howe)
  • I Happen to Like New York (Matt Howe)
  • NYC (Company)
  • Why Do the Wrong People Travel (Lynne Barstow)
  • The Lady Down the Hall (Rick Mauery)
  • Last One Picked (Rick Maurey)
  • No Man Is Worth It (Elise Logemann)
  • Let Him Fly (Elise Logemann)
  • I Will Wait For You (Steve Spar)
  • A Nightengale Sang in Berkely Square (Steve Spar)
  • Wherever He Ain’t (Dein Reichard)
  • Fly Me to the Moon (Barbara Pappendorp)
  • Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home (Daryl Anderson)
  • I’ll Be Seeing You (Company)

Music Direction by Amy Conley

One Response to CHAWbaret 5: Road Trip

  1. Jill Leger says:

    oooooh la la!

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