Behind the Times ???

OK, I think I’m being an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy, and I hope my readers will comment if they think I’m way off base:

I really dislike seeing cabaret performers wear a watch on stage. 

I think this comes from an old-fashioned notion that watches are inappropriate with formalwear because it should be assumed that people in formal wear have all the time in the world to pursue the leisure activities for which they are dressed.  And translating into a performance, no matter how tight the slot the management gave, I think it should appear that the performer has all the time in the world for their audience.  (And if someone needs to wear a watch and keep time, delegate that to the music director.)

On the other hand, maybe the problem is that I notice watches on performers who aren’t compelling enough to keep me focused on their face and it gives me something to think about because I’m not enraptured by a performance.


3 Responses to Behind the Times ???

  1. Marianne says:

    Michael, I agree with you. Watches are somehow an intrusion on stage, but I’m not sure why…?!?

  2. Toni Rae says:

    I’ve never been distracted by a performer’s watch, but I think you’re on to something when you say that you’re noticing their accessories when their performance is not compelling.

    …note to self: take off watch when Michael’s in the audience… 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I just made the same note to self!!! I think of my watch as jewelry, but maybe I need to just stick to my fave sparkly bracelets! 🙂

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