Flopz ‘n Cutz Vol. 5

After Jim Van Slyke’s show on Sunday Ron and I headed over to Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater to catch the Flopz ‘n Cutz concert directed and hosted by Jamie McGonnigal (pictured) with music direction by Michael Lavine.

The evening, the fifth in the series, features Broadway performers singing songs that were cut from shows or songs from flop shows.  The organizers seemed to make a special attempt to have singers perform songs with which they had a history and give their personal anectodes.  Thus we got Liz McCartney with personal memories of Taboo and Loni Ackerman reminiscing about playing Phyllis Newman’s younger sister in How Do You Do, I Love You.

Particular favorite moments included the opening with Ann Harada and Liz McCartnery walking the campy/scary edge to And Eve Was Weak from Carrie, the amazing Kate Shindle singing Love Me for What I Am from In Trousers and the charming duet I Have a Feeling by Tyler Hanes and Leigh Ann Larkin cut from Ragtime before even the concept album was produced.

Here’s the line-up*: 

  • Eve Was Weak (Carrie) — Ann Harada & Liz McCartney
  • Angels on Your Pillow (Peg) — Ashley Fox Linton
  • I Have a Feeling (Ragtime) — Tyler Hanes, Leigh Ann Larkin
  • Love’s Never Lost (A Man of No Importance) — Jamie McGonnigal
  • Everything I Want (I Had a Ball) — Kerry O’Malley
  • Completely Different Place
  • Start the Ball Rollin’ (If the Shoe Fits) – Michael Lavine
  • When He Marries Me (How Do You Do, I love You) — Loni Ackerman
  • A Matter of Time (Urban Cowboy) — Tyler Hanes
  • Love Me For What I Am (In Trousers) — Kate Shindle
  • Still Rockin’ (Footloose) — Kathy Deitch
  • At The Rialto  (All About Us which was Over and Over in DC) — Cady Huffman
  • Talk Amongst Yourselves (Taboo) — Liz McCartney

*there was no program so I’m guessing at a bunch of these song titles


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