Las Vegas Cabaret Intensive Part 3

Well, it’s all about what you can do in front of an audience, isn’t it?

The third day was about actually doing a cabaret. In the morning, everyone brought in choices of what they were willing to sing in that night’s student concert.  After that, director Lina Koutrakos and music director Rick Jensen talked through their process of putting together a show.  Then we had a quick run, with Koutrakos helping us establish the connections we would make with one another with the connecting patter.

We  showed up at the lovely, new Don’t Tell Mama in Las Vegas and did the show for the generouse and enthusiastic audience.  One of the things I love about having this as the culmination is that you get to have your last memories of people as talented performers (who also look terrific) !

Lina and Rick plan to be offering a workshop in Las Vegas again next year.  I strongly encourage even those not in Las Vegas to consider it as a bit of what I think of as “cabaret tourism.”  It’s a great way to combine a vacation and performing, and you meet the nicest people!


(l-r: Dennis Michaels, Ron Squeri, Karen Michaels, Justin Olsen, Jeannie Brei, Ellie Brown, Lina Koutrakos, Scott Watanabe, Rick Jensen, Michael Miyazaki)

Here’s a piece from the Las Vegas Weekly blog. (And if you play the slideshow, there’s eve a picture of me)


One Response to Las Vegas Cabaret Intensive Part 3

  1. JIll Leger says:

    Excellent photo of you, Sir! What are you singing? 🙂 Great article too. Sounds like fun! Tell Karen hi!

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