LaMott Songbook

Nancy Lamott Original Keys For SingersI’ve got mixed feelings about this one.  A songbook has just been released with arrangements of songs that were originally created by Chris Marlowe for Nancy LaMott.  These include both the David Friedman classics written for her such as Just in Time for Christmas as well as signature standards such as When October Goes and Downtown.  The arrangements purport to be in LaMott’s keys.

I am a huge fan of the late LaMott’s work and Chris Marlowe’s genius arrangements for her.  And I can see why people would want to have them

However, I can’t help but feel that this project seems to have a major flaw.  It would seem that the primary audience for the songbook are singers with a LaMott vibe that sing in the keys that LaMott used to sing in.  However, if you are that Nancy LaMott-ish anyway, why would you want to obviously copy her even more, rather than establishing your own musical identity?


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