Amanda McBroom on American Idol

The once-again-disappointing Lil Rounds performed The Rose on American Idol last night.  For those of you who TiVo-ed the show, the red head in glasses standing and cheering after the performance was the great Amanda McBroom who wrote the song.  For once, I have to give a lot of credit to Paula Abdul for naming McBroom during the telecast.  The cynical part of me speculates that McBroom what McBroom was cheering so enthusiastically were the television royalties rather than the performance.

I find it odd that The Rose is McBroom’s best known song, when her catalog holds such riches.  The following clip, recently posted on YouTube has her similarly meditating on the vagaries of art and success:


One Response to Amanda McBroom on American Idol

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    i love this song. when amanda sings, she tears me apart. i remember her singing the song about her mother at the yale conference…she made everyone so emotional that it seemed nobody could breathe for the weeping. she gets right in there. it’s amazing.

    ok, now for a little idol talk. adam lambert is so doggone amazing. who has EVER been better than him?

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