Stephen Holden on Judy Collins

The NYTimes on the legend who has crossed the line into cabaret: “It wasn’t always so. But nowadays a Judy Collins concert is a seamless flow of music and storytelling. Alternating between the guitar and the piano, Ms. Collins offers a version of a personal musical history that is too complicated and rich to be covered in a single evening.”

Does this mean that when a coffee house grows up, it becomes a cabaret?

One Response to Stephen Holden on Judy Collins

  1. Toni Rae says:

    Very interesting question, Michael. Along those same lines, when does a cabaret become a concert? Would you define Bernadette at Strathmore or Andrea at Town Hall a cabaret? I’m not so sure. Is that the natural progression, with the ultimate destination being Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden?

    Just wondering…

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