Hilary Kole’s Haunted Heart

Haunted HeartWow!  I was blown away when I first heard Hilary Kole’s CD, Haunted Heart.   Kole is a jazz-veering-to-cabaret singer.  So she has an amazing lyrical integrity (but beware if you only listen to her recording and are trying to learn the melodies of any songs).

She has an amazing intensity to her singing and truly commits to her performances.  Her Blackberry Winter has a special wistfulness and she even makes warhorses like There’s a Small Hotel and What’ll I Do sound like they’re being sung for the first time.  Amazing job backing her up by Tedd Firth on piano, Paul Gill on bass, and Mark McLean on drums. 

1. It’s Love
2. There’s A Small Hotel
3. ‘Deed I Do
4. I Didn’t Know About You
5. Better Than Anything
6. Like A Lover
7. Blackberry Winter
8. The Snake
9. Old Boyfriends
10. How Am I To Know
11. What’ll I Do
12. You For Me
13. Haunted Heart

2 Responses to Hilary Kole’s Haunted Heart

  1. JIll Leger says:

    Wha? A “Haunted Heart” CD featuring “Blackberry Winter” and “Haunted Heart”??
    Could this be a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery…? Or just a big coincidence?

  2. Carolyn Ohlbaum says:

    I have heard Hilary sing many times – at Birdland in NYC for Jim Caruso’s “Cast Party” where I go to perform as a professional violinist. Hilary is absolutely brilliant and amazing! She blows me away too!! She has a lovely voice and she makes it all look so easy. She does a beautiful job with the jazz repertoire. It’s a pleasure to attend her performances!

    Carolyn Ohlbaum

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