Doug Bowles and Cindy Hutchins at Maggie’s Cabaret

riday night I saw Doug Bowles and Cindy Hutchins performing Shakin’ the Blues Away: Melodies of the 1920s and 30s at Maggie’s Cabaret.

The program was an extremely well-thought out survey of songs from the early 20th Century.  It contained a great blend of well known and less familiar works.  The performers put together some especially appealing sequences with themes such as the influence of moving pictures, the joy of singing, and sin and Satan as themes in the popular music of the era.

Unsurprsingly, Doug Bowles, as the frontman of the SingCo Rhythm Orchestra, is perfectly suited to the material.  And his energetic impishness appropriately recalls the 30’s era Mickey Rooney.  Hutchins, looking terrific in pin curls and black chiffon, sounded great and captured the optimism of the era.

The pair were accompanied by Alex Hassan.  A specialist in the music of the era, Hassan’s approach to the material gave it an appropriate period feel, and he contributed a very enjoyable medley of Harry Warren standards.

Here’s the line-up of material:

  • Shakin’ the Blues Away
  • Heat Wave
  • Turn on the Heat
  • New Sun int he Sky
  • Side By Side
  • Lorelei
  • You Ought to Be in Pictures
  • If I Had a Talking Picutre of You
  • Take Your Girl to the Movies
  • Harry Warren Medley
  • Sing You Sinners
  • Get Thee Behind Me Satan
  • Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil
  • I’d Rather Lead a Band
  • Deep Night
  • There’s Something In the Air
  • Mandy
  • Love Is Just Around the Corner
  • Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
  • Singin’ In the Rain
  • Singin’ In the Bathtub
  • I Love to Sing

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