An Open Mic with an Extra

In addition to doing a round of singing, tonight’s DC Cabaret Network had sound guru Jeff Tucker doing a workshop on microphone technique. 

 The presentation was really informative.  Jeff covered microphone hardware in depth, with a layman-friendly discussion of different microphone options.  It was also very useful to have Jeff discuss issues that singers need to watch out for (and humbling to learn of my long list of idiosyncracies from the POV of the sound engineer — oops).  And I may even have gotten the answer about how to avoid the dreaded noise I ususally make when putting a mike in and out of the stand.

Here’s what people sang:

  • Terri Allen — Detour Ahead
  • Chris Cochran — Everything Must Change
  • Emily Everson — The Music Up Above, I’m Late
  • Andrea Klores — No One is Alone
  • Michael Miyazaki — Die, Vampire, Die
  • Kathy Reilly — A Fine Spring Morning
  • Mary Reilly — Do You Wanna Dance
  • Justin Ritchie — A Perfect Circle
  • Lonny Smith — I Was Here
  • Christie Trapp — Stealing Kisses
  • Eileen Warner — Right as the Rain
  • Maris Wicker — On the Sunny Side of the Street 

covering issues of hardware


One Response to An Open Mic with an Extra

  1. JIll Leger says:

    Wow! This is the gang I love! Much love to Justin for letting me be a small part of it.

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