DC Cabaret Network Member Pot Luck

A sudden shift in my Mother Courage rehearsal schedule allowed me to attend the DCCN pot luck yesterday after all.  (Especially after Charlene James-Duguid reminded me of the event and gave me a ride!)

It was terrific to see so much fo the DC Cabaret “tribe” gathered in one place at one time.  And this year’s “Boa D’Or” awards were presented to Matt Howe for his terrific work in helping the DC Cabaret world with their visual images and Justin Ritchie for overhauling the organization’s database.  Bravo both!!!

And George Fulginiti-Shakar even tickled the ivories with a few bursts into semi-spontaneous song!


4 Responses to DC Cabaret Network Member Pot Luck

  1. Justin Ritchie says:

    Since you won’t toot your own horn, I will. Congrats to you for your well deserved recognition of this blog and well as to you and Ron for the wonderful Christmas Open Mic and everything else the two of you do for our community.
    Cheers and Thanks!

  2. Chris Cochran says:

    Photos from the party are now available over on Songspeak.wordpress.com


  3. Emily says:

    Yes! I wanted to second my congratulations to Michael and Ron for their contributions to the Cabaret Community and the DC Cabaret Network with activities this blog, hosting the DC Cabaret Network Holiday Open Mic, MC-ing the open mic when Terri Allen is away (etc!)…

    Also, we need to remember Michael’s wodnerful work at the CABARET SCENES Magazine! Michael represents our cabaret community by writing about upcoming events and cabaret reviews. And, this past year, he wrote a profile of the DC Cabaret Network for Cabaret Scenes Magazine, giving us the honor of national regontion.

    THANK YOU MICHAEL! You are a corner stone of the cabaret community in the DC area.

    The DC Cabaret Network also awarded recognition to Kathy Reilly and Mike Repass for their support of the cabaret community by volunteering at many of the DC Cabaret Network events and hosting events at their home.

  4. JIll Leger says:

    Love you guys!!! Congrats to Matt, Justin, Kathy and Mike! And I agree w/ Justin and Emily: Special kudos to Mr. M!

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