The Journey Home from Malcolm Getz

malcolm getzMy left brain really, really admires The Journey Home, the new CD from Malcolm Getz.  It is a balanced collection of songs with familiar yet not-overdone standards (Look to the Rainbow, Long Before I Knew You), current theater writing (Anytime, Wait, The Journey Home), and the occasional quirky choice and charm number (Huggin’ and Chalkin’, Truly Scrumptuous).  Getz is a gifted vocalist.  He sings with great intelligence and really nails the character of each song.  The arrangements by the great John McDaniel are well crafted and are a great showcase for Getz’s talents.  And the CD even features the shimmering Melissa Errico guesting on an Irving Berlin sequence.

Confusingly, my right brain isn’t connecting with this disc.  Usually, the answer in this situation is that the artist is not connecting with the material; but I think that would be an unfair characterization of Getz’s work. 

So we’ll leave it to the mysteries of the universe as to why I’m not head over heels with this disc.  And perhaps one of my always-lucid readers will either let me know that I’m out of my mind or will be able to come up with a rational explanation.

Tracks and audio samples


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