Off to the races…

scenamcpress2 004

… Literally.  I showed up for a pre-matinee rehearsal of Mother Courage today to find that the Clark Street Playhouse was inaccessible to vehicular traffic due to the Air Force Bicycle Race.  Which meant that our rehearsal was moved to the evening.  Which meant that my long-suffering Arena Stage had to re-schedule seeing  Legacy of Light for the fifth time.* 

Oh, the glamour of the theater!

But at least the wonderful Ian Armstrong forwarded some of the stunning production photos he took.  That’s me with the briefcase I plan to take as carry-on on my next flight.  And of course the ever awe-inspiring Nancy Robinette as Mother Courage and our terrific cast.  We finally open Monday night, and then (hosanna!) can just run this sucker.

*Actually I later got a message that the Arena show was cancelled due to an actor who had an automobile accident.  I don’t know who that was, but beswwt wishes for a speedy recovery.

One Response to Off to the races…

  1. Toni Rae says:

    Break legs, Michael! Will definitely see this one!

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