Stephen Holden on Mark Nadler

The NYTimes on Nadler’s new show at the Metropolitan Room: “Mr. Nadler is the closest thing in cabaret to a scenery-chewing old-time vaudevillian in the Jolson mold. His Gershwin show is typical of the way he grabs you by the collar and insists you get on his nostalgic wavelength. Like an excitable teacher carried away with his subject, he turns names carved in stone into flesh-and-blood creatures with personalities, passions and quirks. Because he has seemingly more energy than anyone in the audience, Mr. Nadler can be as exhausting as he is exhilarating.”

I have to repeat the opinion that, so far, Nadler’s CD, Tschaikowski (and Other Russians) is the best cabaret CD of the year, so far.


One Response to Stephen Holden on Mark Nadler

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    I listened to the Tschaikowski (and Other Russians) CD over a month ago and I am still recovering from its delight and brilliance. If brilliance is “that which cannot be compared to anything else,” Mr. Nadler is indeed brilliant. Not to overstate or anything, but work like his is, to me, evidence of heaven. pure joy.

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