Stephen Holden on Stephen Pasquale

The NYTimes on the crooner: “The relaxed jazz classicism of Mr. Pizzarelli’s quartet made a sympathetic setting for Mr. Pasquale’s gently swinging approach. (The only song to receive any vocal ornamentation — and it was minimal — was “Summertime.”) Larry Fuller, the quartet’s pianist, merits special attention. If you closed your eyes and concentrated on piano solos that flowed as lightly and sweetly as a mountain brook, you could swear he was channeling the musical spirit of one of Billie Holiday’s greatest accompanists, Teddy Wilson.”

One Response to Stephen Holden on Stephen Pasquale

  1. yujine says:

    Summer time, yeah! If I remember correctly, Carmen Mcrea sang with her own trio in early 60es, wasn’t she?
    It’s great tune by George Gershwin, right?
    …when the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high…
    I love it. That’s how you play piano and sing along with it.

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