Road Report: Greetings from the Windy City

Sorry, I’ve been a little flaky about updating the blog because I’ve been on the road, travelling for work to the American Library Association conference in Chicago.  But the good news is that I get to be in Chicago.  A place I especially love for both food and music.

I’ve already been to three of my must-visit eateries — Giordano’s, the Weber Grill, and Foodlife.  And I’ve just added a new one to the list — Gene and Georgetti.  The establishment is an old-line Chicago steakhouse; legend has it that it has a special back exit specially for Al Capone’s use when the restaurant was being raided.  I had a perfect bone-in ribeye, done black-and-blue (aka Chicago-style).

nitz&howeI also went to Davenports and caught Darryl Nitz and George Howe’s ongoing show, the Nitz and Howe Experience.  The vibe is basically “show-tune lounge act on steroids.”  The two performers do a remarkable job of keeping up a fast-paced, high energy show, that totally involves the audience.  One of the schticks that they did last night was to solicit the names of about 25 musicals from the audience, and then did a 2-act mega-medley of songs from the shows.  What struck me the most is the fact that these two have such a long-standing collaboration that they went through the transitions and song selections from show to show with apparant seamlessness.  Both are terrific vocalists.  Nitz acts as the genial host and George Howe is amazing on the keys.

More from the Windy City anon…


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