A New Jazz Trio…

The Old Mercer Magic!Those jazz divas Janis Siegal, Laurel Masse, and Lauren Kinhan have teamed up for this CD – JaLaLa (get it?).  OK, I’m not a jazz guy, so I’m not getting a lot of this.  The CD is a tribute to Johnny Mercer, concentrating on his better known works.  The singing is all fine, but the arrangements don’t reach the level of the Manhatten Transfer (of which Siegel and Masse are both alums), Fascinating Aida, the Puppini Sisters, or  Dangerous Curves. 

For those who love the CD, please comment heavily and tell me what I’m missing!

1. Spring, Spring, Spring Listen
2. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby Listen
3. Jeepers Creepers Listen
4. My Shining Hour Listen
5. Accentuate The Positive Listen
6. Dream Listen
7. I m Old Fashioned Listen
8. Riding On The Moon Listen
9. Moon River/Moon Country Listen
10. Have You Got Any Castles Baby? Listen
11. Too Marvelous For Words Listen
12. The Dance Of Life Listen

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