Cole Porter with Bradford Newquist

Brad NewquistBradford Newquist’s CD, It’s All Right With Me is a terrific collection of songs by Cole Porter.

Newquist’s collection of Porter songs is beautifully thought out and gorgeously executed. He gives sensitive, intelligent readings of Porter’s lyrics and has the vocal chops to go from ballad to hot swing with the greatest of ease.  And the arrangements featuring Patrick Holland on piano, Christopher Ray on bass, and Christopher Crisanti on drums and percussion are the sort that would make any singer envious.

Newquist conveys many moods of Porter, from the playful (It’s All Right With me), to the tender (Do I Love You), and uber-charming (Don’t Fence Me In).  The CD is particularly well-engineered for a cabaret release and deserves to be the background for umpteen cocktail parties.

That said, for me it misses phenomenal-ness by being a bit by-the-numbers.  The only obscure song out of the fifteen tracks is Nobody’s Chasing Me.  While the performances and arrangements are wonderful and terrific to listen to, none break new ground or provide stunning new insights into the material.  And while Newquist is a great performer with a great instrument, after spending an hour listening to his CD, I didn’t feel I knew anything about him except that he’s someone with great musical taste, talent, and intelligence. 

But don’t get me wrong, if you’re at all a Porter fan, or an American songbook fan, this is certainly a CD to investigate.

One Response to Cole Porter with Bradford Newquist

  1. JIll Leger says:

    And for those in a Porter frame of mind, check out La Papendorp this weekend reprising tribute to all things Cole!!

    Fri, July 31 at 10 PM
    Sat, Aug 1 at 10 PM
    Late Night Cabaret
    (Cole Porter Songs for a Summer’s Eve)
    with Barbara Papendorp
    and Amy Conley

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