New City in a Swamp Web Site

July 22, 2009

Just got to tour the new Web site for City in a Swamp. 

The site has links to songs (both YouTube clips and audio) from the three revues that the group has done.  The songs by Nick Zill and Howard Bennett are a great source for people looking for special material — especially of the political sort.  The clip above is the lovely Nkemjika Ofodile dealing with alternative medicine.

Matt Howe’s Fabulous DC Cabaret Calendar

July 20, 2009

OK, when I started this blog, I’ll admit I had ambitions of keeping an up-to-date calendar of local events.  If anyone clicks the “Calendar” link at the right, they’ll see how long ago I gave up.

So thank you to the fabulous Matt Howe for starting his own “DC Area Cabaret Performances” calendar!!!!!!  I know we’ll all find it a great resource!

Photos from A Date with Judy

July 18, 2009

Judy Simmons Performs-5760 by DCMatt.It was also irksome to miss Judy Simmons’s new show, A Date With Judy, because I was on the road. 

Ron said the evening was terrific.  And Matt Howe forwarded a link to some spectacular pix of the performer and friends attending.  (Thanks, Matt!)

Renegade Cabaret in the Washington Post

July 18, 2009

One of the perils of being on the road is that one misses things close to home.  So it is with apologies that I link to an article from the 7/10 Washington Post about the Renegade Cabaret in Manhattan and the lovely picture above of friend-of-this-blog Mary Foster Conklin.

On the other hand, I hope readers of this blog appreciate the fact that they knew about this WAY BEFORE it appeared in the Post.

Stephen Holden on Sharon McNight

July 17, 2009

The NYTimes reviews that force of nature: “The comic singer Sharon McKnight, a sarcastically self-described “atheistic, agnostic Druid,” has been toiling in the cabaret trenches and on the musical-theater fringe for two decades, pushing boundaries with her irreverent loudmouth personality. Some noisy show-business satirists play it dumb and crude as they wallow in ribaldry; others, like Ms. McKnight, play it smart and crude.”

A New Jazz Trio…

July 17, 2009

The Old Mercer Magic!Those jazz divas Janis Siegal, Laurel Masse, and Lauren Kinhan have teamed up for this CD – JaLaLa (get it?).  OK, I’m not a jazz guy, so I’m not getting a lot of this.  The CD is a tribute to Johnny Mercer, concentrating on his better known works.  The singing is all fine, but the arrangements don’t reach the level of the Manhatten Transfer (of which Siegel and Masse are both alums), Fascinating Aida, the Puppini Sisters, or  Dangerous Curves. 

For those who love the CD, please comment heavily and tell me what I’m missing!

1. Spring, Spring, Spring Listen
2. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby Listen
3. Jeepers Creepers Listen
4. My Shining Hour Listen
5. Accentuate The Positive Listen
6. Dream Listen
7. I m Old Fashioned Listen
8. Riding On The Moon Listen
9. Moon River/Moon Country Listen
10. Have You Got Any Castles Baby? Listen
11. Too Marvelous For Words Listen
12. The Dance Of Life Listen

Ride the Cabaret Carousel at Fringe

July 13, 2009

Cabaret CarouselCabaret Carousel from the IN Series has its first show at the Capital Fringe Festival starting Wednesday, 15 July.  Here’s the official description:

Blues and Broadway, Latin Jazz, Bohemian Pop and Bossa Nova, our rotating carousel of three cabaret evenings features soulful songs from DC’s Fringe finest: Sally Martin, Richard Tappen, Detra Battle, Stanley Webber, Cecilia Esquivel, Tara McCredie, Pam Ward, Dani Cortaza. 75 minutes

Tix and info