Suzanne Petri’s Party

suzanne petri

Suzanne Petri’s, A Marvelous Party, is one of the CDs I picked up

OK, this CD is rife with issues.  This is probably one of the worst-engineered cabaret albums I’ve ever heard.  It sounds like a tape recorder was put on top of the piano during a show.  And it makes the fabulous grand piano at Davenports sound like a rickety upright.  I can’t fathom some of the arrangements.  And Petri can be occasionally off-putting.

And yet.  And yet…

Petri has an energy and verve that just can’t be ignored.  She has a clear, direct vision of her work that comes through, especially in the most complicated lyrics.  There’s a very strong personality that feels like she’s reaching through the speaker and shaking you by the throat.  And she’s certainly doing an interesting selection of music.  It’s hard to “get” certain cabaret performers until you see them live.  But this CD certainly makes me want to experience Petri’s work in person. 

  • A Marvelous Party
  • Maud
  • Weary of It All
  • Ladies Who Lunch
  • Carousel / The Miller’s Son
  • Surabaya Johnny
  • I’m a Stranger Here Myself
  • Milord
  • Miss Otis Regrets
  • Ten Cents a Dance
  • Gristedes
  • Here’s to Life
  • A Bar on the Piccolo Marina
  • If Love Were All 

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