Barbara Papendorp Sings Cole Porter

Barbara Papendorp | Cole Porter Songs for a Summer's Eve-5894 by DCMatt.

We made it to Barbara Papendorp’s Cole Porter show at Flashpoint Saturday night.  Barbara presented a mix of familiar and lesser-known* Porter songs in a beautifully varied program delivered with her signature verve and gusto.  All in all, a terrific way to spend an evening on a summer night.

BTW, isn’t Matt Howe’s photo gorgeous?  More here.

*OK, the question is always “familiar” to whom???  I mean I knew them all, but when I heard an intelligent sounding audience member say to the performer, “I only knew about half the songs” I’ll go with the man-on-the-street view.

I hadn’t seen the previous version that she did iteration


2 Responses to Barbara Papendorp Sings Cole Porter

  1. JIll Leger says:

    Cheers to Barb and Amy!!
    Beautiful photo indeed–that Matt Howe rocks.

  2. Matt Howe says:

    Barbara & Amy’s show matured since I saw it at Playbill. (And Amy got a solo at the Flashpoint show!)

    I may have given up on “well-known” vs. “lesser known” songs. Whenever I run names of obvious standards by non-cabaret friends they never know the song! LOL. It’s a hard call, because all of us cabaret folks know so many songs! I think we lose perspective of what audiences may or may not “know”.

    For instance, I thought “Skylark” was a standard most people would know. None of my non-cabaret friends have heard it.

    And I’m a big fan of the photo of Barbara that you posted!! It’s my favorite from the batch, and captures her stage presence wonderfully!

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