Sweet words from Hilary Feldman…

Taking FlightWhen I was in Chicago, I also caught up with my fellow Perry-Mansfielder Hilary Feldman.  She indulged me by trekking downtown and having lunch at the very ladies-who-lunch Walnut Room at the Macy’s on State Street (formerly Marshall Fields) and then showing me her lovely home.  Two particularly great (and Hilary-esque) features in her office are a shelving/filing unit that was custom-built so that the drawers can fit sheet music and the shelves are the height of music folios, and the fact that she has a binder with photocopied indexes of all her sheet music books for easy reference. (You won’t find it surprising that when we were at P-M, she had Flight ready to go in four different keys.)

If you haven’t checked out her CD, you should.  (She’s particularly proud of the fact that hers is one of the 2 non-Chenoweth recordings of The Girl in 14G available on iTunes).  And I’m not saying that because of the very sweet (and somewhat embarassing) post she did on her blog about our visit.  (Showing off?  Oh dear, I need to watch that.)


One Response to Sweet words from Hilary Feldman…

  1. Karen says:

    How super fun!! I love this word cabaret-phile and I am absolutely going to utilize it! Of course, she is right-you are the definitive cabaret-phile! You have taught Dennis and I so much! 🙂 love ya as always, Karen

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