DONE !!!!!!

It’s a project that I got stalled on for a while, but I finally got all my CDs loaded into iTunes!!!

I’ve got to tell you that I think iTunes is one of the most fabulous tools that the cabaret artist has at his/her disposal.  The ability to isolate a word and find any song with it in the title.  The ability to compare and contrast different artists’ version of a standard.  The ability to create playlists and quickly download CDs.  I mean, I like the iPod, but I’m besotted with iTunes.

Ron has iTunes loaded onto a separate drive with LOTS of memory, and he has another drive set up that automatically backs up iTunes every night.  (It’s fabulous living with someone tech-forward — I highly recommend it!)

So now I still have to sort and re-shelve all the CDs.  And this also means that I have an easy central list to compare our LPs to and see what LPs can go and which need to be either acquired on CD or digitized.  Oh, and Ron is making aggressive strides in converting all the videos hanging around onto DVD.

(BTW, since I know you’re wondering, at present we have a mere 46,677 tracks in our iTunes database.)

2 Responses to DONE !!!!!!

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    congratulations michael! just like the smithsonian wanted julia child’s kitchen, they’re gonna want to put your computers with itunes file on display…undoubtedly the envy of anyone in the cabaret world!

  2. Dorie says:

    I’m not even up to 3,000 songs–you put me to shame!

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